Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Feedback from Shri.S.K.Sundararajan, HRD Manager


Very happy to have read an initiative in the precise direction in Education.

Terribly disturbed by the present Educational System and after having made great attempts to do something in the system found powerless in front of the conditioned thinking of the parents of the present society has now changed my approach towards the problems in the present educational system. This interface seems to be a solution for the problems that I have in mind too.

Education is to make a man think ( not for making anybody make money)
Nature provides us with everything, man has intelligently and wisely use nature to satisfy his wants.
In so taking energy from nature the power principle comes in the picture creating a host of problems
Sanatana Dharma after having seen all these has devised ways to solve the same.

On the one hand I am confident that I have the ideas and the ways and means to not only place the vedic scholars in positions which will place them in an enviable position in a corporate set up, but also make others repent for their decisions of not having their children put in this stream.

On the other hand, we can also think of making the society rethink itself on the ground that Education should be perceived differently and not on the ground that it will provide just for satisfying the worldly needs.

On the light of my experiences with the corporate world, now it is very clear that i can place people in many companies even without a single certificate from the schools or colleges!!!

If i could classify the people in the corporate world too, we can find caste system.

The lower caste is the one who uses his hands and legs.

The next level they call themselves executives, they are the ones who carry out instructions.

Then we find the Relationship principle based cadre who can think only in terms of money.

Then the top level management people who "Think",

My focus is on developing this vedic scholars to become thinkers more than the rest.

A thinker need not be a good communicator, he need not know how to read or write, as reading and writing involves practical language which will disrupt the thinking. a original thinker should not have any restrictions or conditioning be it in any form, words or self esteem or social presssure.

Definitely we can develop courses which will make top level thinkers who will attract all powers monetarily and otherwise without even learning to read or write. And I can definetely place them also.

Waiting for your reply

To take this forward.

Thanking you


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Update - 1

Sri Gurubhyo namah
Sri Ramajayam
December 1, 2007

It is indeed highly encouraging that there have been numerous responses to our vision document ‘Interface’. I bow my head in reverence to all those who had the time and inclination to respond, showing that they indeed strive for the Veda Paripalanam and are ready to do their might in making Veda Adhyayanam easy and possible for many.

This is a follow-up paper based on the feedbacks generated, that aims to address the various questions, doubts, aspirations, anxiety and implement suggestions put forth.

Veda Paripalanam – requires multi pronged approach and ‘Interface’ is one of the means. It is therefore imperative that all other approaches (indeed important) for Veda Paripalanam are not in the scope of Interface.
The scope of ‘Interface’ is to make Veda Adhyayanam to Brahmins a ‘movement’. A movement that would stay to guide and encourage making Veda Adhyayanam a natural course of action to the Brahmin boy.
The program and the developments are being reported to His Holiness Bala-Periava and has the blessing Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. A Sanskrit name for the ‘Movement’ shall be shortly suggested by His Holiness. It is also suggested by Periava that the program be conducted in a place in and around Chennai. His Holiness has suggested a small syllabus for ‘continuing Vedic Education’ (common for all Vedas) at Interface.
A meeting was conducted on 25th November 2007 at the Chennai which was attended by few eminent Vedic Pandits, Patashala gurus, Patashala trustees, an experienced retired teacher (who has some 7 years of experience in teaching academic education to Vedic students) and well wishers. The conclusion has been abundantly and absolutely clear that:

Indeed any Dharmic way of occupation can be taken up after Veda Adhyayanam.
Though it is difficult and strenuous to do academic education with/after Veda Adhyayanam, it is important presently and hence has to be done. The program however has to be highly objective and oriented.
Higher Vedic education (Bhashyam, Shashtram etc) as being sought today, by a cross-section would continue. ‘Interface’ would in fact complement them too with minimum required ‘loukika vidya’.
In addition to the concept proposed in the ‘Interface’ of a bridge course after Veda Adhyayayam, it is also proposed to introduce the ‘Interface’ course contents to the willing Veda- Patashalas. The course content shall be imparted on the basis that the willing Veda – Patashalas shall offer at least 1 ½ hours every day and minimum 3hours on the non-study days (Anadhyayana days). This will enable an adhyayi to have good communication in Sanskrit, English, academic education up to 10th standard by time he finishes his Adhyayanam.
With the advent of Interface program into the Patashalas, it is expected that at a later stage, the bridge interface course can be come shorter. This program then would focus on 10+2 with career counseling.

A very structured and objective syllabus shall be put in place with the help of senior Educationist to achieve the utmost desired results within shortest possible time.
Dedicated teachers with zeal and commitment to the cause shall be recruited to make teaching effective and purposeful.
Suggestions on the course contents, modalities for the success of the ‘Interface’ are being sought.
Please arrange to get interested teachers, possible 1st batch students for the ‘Interface’ bridge course to get in touch with us for further details.
Any queries and suggestions are most welcome ; please contact

Reader- Sanskrit - Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Vishwa Mahavidhyala, Enathur, Kanchipuram

Address for correspondence: No.3, 8th Street, Vaishanavi Nagar,
Chennai: 600109. HP No. 9444208277