Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 Fold Approach

The Three fold approach

Concurrent School
There are existing Veda Patashalas and many Vidhyarthis study in these. Few of these Patashalas already have evinced interest in Samhita to be implemented in their premises. Samhita will supply teachers and study material to these Patashalas.

Samhita will ensure that its curriculum becomes a regular and essential part of the Patashala activity. It will also monitor that the subjects are taught efficiently in the limited time allotted to it and ensure continuity in teaching.

Patashalas with a minimum strength of 10 vidhyarthis would be chosen initially. The time allotted shall be 1½ hours per batch every day. The batches as prevalent in the Veda Patashalas shall be maintained so that there is no confusion and loss of time to Veda Paatham (Vedic learning).

Bridge School
The interested passed- out students from the Veda Patashala is the target for the bridge schools. This passed-out student’s suitability will be ascertained by Samhita committee. Those found suitable would be counseled about the agenda of the bridge school and trained exclusively and intensively. Bridge school shall be a residential facility and they would be trained till they pass out 10+2. During their academic studies at the Bridge school, vidhyarthis would also be taught other Vedic/Vedanta subjects common to all shakas 1½ hours every day. The bridge school pass-out would join colleges to their liking for further studies. On passing out from college many of these vidhyarthis would be the possible candidates for being teachers in Samhita. Others can pursue careers of their liking.

Model Patashala
Based on our experience as we evolve, we plan to set up a Model Patashala which would combine Veda Adhyayanam and Concurrent studies in a single place funded by the localities. The Model Patashala would be evolved to set a benchmark for the future Patashalas for not only its course content but day to day administration, funding and other matters of management.


What is the Grand Goal??
To make Veda Adhyayanam – A natural course of Action!!

Is this a New Idea??
No - This is not a new idea – such idea has been existent even from Maha Periyava’s period

So?? - What is New Now??
First and the Most important – now there are buyers of this idea!!!
•Take the School to Patashala not vice-versa
•Involve all sections of the community and meet their major requirements
•Learn from Past Mistakes

Samhita wishes to do it in a 3 Pronged Approach in the following sequence
Concurrent School
Bridge School
Model & Modern Patashala

Started ??
•Yes - The concurrent school
1.Jagatguru VedaKavya Vidhya Bhavanam (Sama Veda Patashala) – Kallikuppam, Ambattur
2.SDPP Yajur Veda Patashala – Nemilichery, Chrompet
3.Adambakkam Kainkarya Sabha (Sama – Yajur Veda Patashala), Adambakkam
4. Kshetropasana -Yajur Veda Patashala Sriperumbadur