Saturday, January 5, 2008

Update - 2

Summary of meeting on December 27, 2007

Thank you to one and all for making to the meeting at a very short notice. I am humbled by the interest taken by the busy loukikas in the interest of Veda Paripalanam.
I hope it was a brain storming session with strong points being raised for and against the models of schools to be adopted. I hope every participant would have taken comments made by others during the discussion in the right spirit. My apologies, if any member was hurt by expressions by others during the spirited discussion.
I suppose, it would be right to summarise the meeting as under:
Apart from Divine Grace, definite syllabus, faculties, facilities, patience and perseverance of the organizers are going to determine the success of the project.
Two lines of thoughts have emanated from the discussion:-
There is a line of thought that the output generated from bridge and concurrent course of ‘Interface’ shall/may not be role models to the Brahmin society at large to emulate.
This school of thought views that a separate all encompassing Residential Vedic school (Yajur Vedam only to start with) is to be founded. The input (students) to this school would be fresher from existing Patashalas. The output from such a school can be the role models for the society to emulate.
There is another line of thought which suggests that role models need to be generated from the present lot through Bridge course, and concurrent study. There would be various grades of outputs from these courses as in any program viz exemplary, good, fair and maybe very ordinary as well.
The present lot, if well directed now, will pave way for children from affordable families as well to join Vedam if not from the elite.
It was abundantly clear that both the lines of thought were harping on one point. The presently prevailing system has a lot of scope for improvement.
It is therefore imperative that we move ahead and start working on both the thought process and initiate an action plan.
Further course of action should be – formation of a trust, creation of various working committees in the trust such that specifics are implemented.
Lets get started and the Divine help shall take us along…….

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